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Myths & Facts About Social Media Platforms

Myth: I have to post on social media everyday to go viral.

Fact: You should post often but you want to make sure your posts are quality.

Myth: I need to do every single trend to go viral.

Fact: Sometimes you'll get lost in the sauce. Do trends that speak to you and your brand. There are so many ways to go viral but that's not what is important. Brand awareness and engagement with cohesive content will get you noticed time and time again.

Myth: I need over 100 likes on every post.

Fact: Likes do not equal dollars.

Myth: I need a 100k followers in order to have a successful business.

Fact: Followers do not equal dollars.

Myth: I have to work with huge influencers to get brand awareness.

Fact: Micro and Nano influencers have great ROI on marketing Investments.

Myth: I can't have a TikTok. I don't want to dance.

Fact: Then don't dance. There are plenty of non-dancing tiktok accounts that are still fun, educational, inspirational and worth following!

Myth: I have to have every social media platform to be successful.

Fact: Diversifying where you post is important. Finding the platforms your potential customers are on is more beneficial. We always suggest a website and an email list as the most important (even before social media)!


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