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Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Marketing for your own small business, especially if you're new, can be a challenge. There is so much (bad) advice on the internet or lack of advice without a sales pitch. Mango Marketing Co was created to help plant the seed to help small businesses grow. Look no further than this blog and let us give you multiple ideas that will help market your small business or brand.

  1. Social Media. This is a duh. Let's get into what it means to "market' on social media. Social media should be about creating a story and experience through an online presence about your brand. Your goal is to allow brand awareness to create credibility and relationships. Run ADs, comment on people's posts, create feedback and more to be successful on social media. We've written a few blogs that go into better detail. Here's one for a quick refresh: How To Choose The Right Social Media For Your Brand

  2. Grow an Email list. Another duh; if you've been a Mango blog reader for a while. Email is the only list you own on the internet. If your social media profile got hacked or the platform went away, you'd always have access to your email list. Plus, discounts + giveaways going right to someones inbox is a win-win! Want more email help? Read here.

  3. Become a Vendor Showcase your services or products at local events that target your ideal audience. Sponsoring or becoming a vendor at an event is great for the community, building connections, raising awareness and finding potential customers.

  4. Samples. Don't be afraid to give it away! If someone makes a purchase, with your small business, give them something else to try. Samples can be smaller than normal sized products. They can be something that would compliment what the customer is purchasing or a best seller! People appreciate small takeaways. If they love it, they'll be back for more options.

Some other ideas that have worked for Mango Marketing Co + our clients: throw an event, advertise with local newspapers, guest blog, be involved in a career day, get your products on the news, launch a commercial, pay for ADs on social media, send postcards, have digital business cards, attend networking events, have giveaways, create a referral program, collab with another small business, put a flyer on a community board, offer collaborations for free exposure, hire influencers, brand ambassadors, find local retailers to wholesale your brand and more.