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Inbox Impact: Essential Email Marketing Facts for Women Entrepreneurs

We're talking about your email list today. Emails is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and still a widely used one today. Let's cut right to the chase: The biggest mistake that small businesses make over huge corporations is not honing in on cultivating a great quality email list.

Email lists are one of the only things you own in the digital world. Your social media handles are owned by the platforms they are on. Your website needs to be paid for to be able to own your domain. The list goes on and on with how many things on the internet are borrowed from the hosting site.

Let's get straight to the facts so you can start building your email list:

  • 61% of subscribers/customers would like to receive promotional emails every week

  • The worst open and click-through rates are on weekends.

  • Traffic increase for emails fall and winter (especially on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and December 23).

  • The best days to send promotional emails are Tuesday and Thursday.

So what do you do with this information? You start creating, with intention and consistency, email marketing content and strategy for your small business.

We recommend coming up with a strategy that is easy for you to maintain with a strong posting schedule. We schedule all of our email campaigns through Wix. However, you can schedule them through email marketing sites like FloDesk. These brands also offer templates to help make your life a little easier. You can always create your emails through somewhere like Canva and upload them.

This can all be overwhelming. Here is where we can come in. Mango Marketing Co can offer insight on strategies that will work for your business. We can create the copy and design for the email. We can even go ahead and schedule that bad boy for ya!

Get in touch with us via email at, and as always, follow us on all your favorite social platforms.

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