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How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Small Business

Social Media Rules have us in a very confused state of mind. The Social Media Gurus are always talking about reusing your content. "Repurpose it on all-platforms." "Be everywhere." For most small businesses, that can be extremely overwhelming to plan, produce and post on each social media platform. Instead, we think it’s important to find the best 2-3 for you. Be consistent on those but leave a digital trail on the others of where to find you.

How to choose the right social media platform for your small business: 1. Start Posting. We wish this was easier but sadly, there is not way to find out which social media platform makes the most sense for your business until you start seeing where your audience is finding your content.

2. Check out your industry Where are your industry leaders posting the most? By utilizing what’s going on in your industry you can see what your competitors are doing as well. This does not always mean follow only the social media platforms they are on, but it does give some insight of what might be working.

3. Analytics

Now, that you’ve been posting, analyze the data. Questions to ask: What posts performed well, what times do the best and what platform has received the most engagement?

We wrote a blog called “How To Break Into A New Social Media Platform”. This blog is fantastic for finding the best way to break into new social media platforms for your business.

4. Learn and use the platform features.

If you want your content to perform well — you have to use features + benefits on the app. You need to understand the app, the benefits, the features and the demographics found on the app. Please remember to know how to locate the analytics and which each one represents.

5. Where is your audience?

Think of yourself as a consumer for your brand. Where do you see yourself? This plays in to stage 2: check out your industry. Think like a competitors but also, think like a consumer.

We suggest trying each app for 90 days with a dedicated posting strategy to analyze your results before making decisions. Sometimes the results will surprise you.

PRO TIP: Want even better results? Make sure you are engaging on the social media platforms you are posting on to improve traffic and audiences. A simple comment on a post in your niche could drive people to your page.

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