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Why You Should Invest in PR

Why you should invest in Public Relations

So, you’re a small business with an amazing product or service that would put a smile on

every client’s face, but you have no idea how to spread the word about your business. Social

media, campaigns, email marketing; it’s overwhelming. You’re finding that the time you spend on PR takes away from time you could be investing in other areas of your business. Don’t worry; almost every business feels the exact same way and that’s why businesses invest in PR. A well tailored PR strategy can bring business awareness and develop a positive public opinion of your small business. Lets go over four reasons why businesses invest in PR to create effective businesses plans and strategies.

01. Create Brand Awareness

Public Relations doesn’t solely rely on communicating to the right target audiences or

customers, PR involves building brand awareness with the community, media analysts,

policy makers and potential shareholders. Imagine a stranger at a local coffee shop

overhears a social media influencer discussing with their friend the recent positive

experience they had on a marketing campaign they’re involved with for a new restaurant

in town. The stranger is curious and decides to lookup the new restaurant. This is a form

of word-of-mouth marketing which is a result of a PR strategy. A reliable PR strategy

will build brand awareness while complimenting other marketing and advertising efforts

in order to attract and secure future partnerships, customers/clients and sales.

02. Promote Brand Growth

Implementing the balance of PR with digital marketing can create prospects to grow your

brand. Imagine; you’ve worked on your ideal client, your target audience. By trusting an

experienced PR team with your ideal client knowledge, they can create opportunities to

put your brand in front of the target audience which then improves brand business

outcomes. Relating to our earlier example of the influencer in the coffee shop, a PR team

had to research and connect with local social media influencers that would agree to share

their experience at the new local restaurant. Their online followers will see the shared

experiences and the brand is now in front of its local target audience.

03. PR Outlasts Advertising

Establishing the right public image, both in person and online, is the most cost effective

device for brand awareness and improving perception. There are so many avenues to

promote a positive brand story especially with today’s technology. News articles, blog

posts and image sharing sites never expire, meaning these types of digital media can gain

continuous exposure overtime with the use of shares, likes and outsource links. Utilizing

the example with the local influencer, a potential customer may run across the

influencer’s posts about their experience at the restaurant when it first opened. Seeing the

positive experience shared, this potential client decides to visit. This form of PR costs the

new restaurant $0 with a 100% return.

04. Crisis Management

The phrase ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ does ring true in the world of PR.

While PR teams do their best to highlight all the positives of a brand, a seasoned PR team

can handle bad publicity as well. Through developing a savvy issues and reputation management plan, brands can be equipped to handle negative publicity. Utilizing the

influencer in the coffee shop as our last example, lets imagine the influencer conveys to

their friend the positive experience they had working with the new restaurant. Upon

hearing this, the friend explains a negative experience they had at the new restaurant

involving their food order being wrong. The influencer, who had previously been

informed by the PR Influencer Relations Specialist during collaboration preparation that

the restaurant was working on perfecting the communication between the wait staff and

kitchen, explained to their friend how the new restaurant was improving to best serve its

customers. By equipping every person involved with the brand with current and crucial

information this PR team was able to provide the influencer with knowledge to educate

their friend on the restaurant’s awareness of the communication issue and the proactive

measures its taking to better itself.

Investing in PR raises brand awareness and promotes brand growth while PR strategies

outlast basic advertising styles as a cost-effective tool that can be utilized for brand management.

Your business and brand will prosper when you invest in PR (of course, as long as your branding and marketing is solid. They will help convert).


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