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Why Spotify Is Beneficial For Marketing Your Brand

Spotify is the biggest audio streaming platform. As of 2022 it has 400 million active users and 180 million of them are premium subscribers. With that being said the majority of active users are relying on the free service which opens up huge advertising opportunities because free tired users cannot skip ads or fast forward. Businesses of all sizes have the ability to utilize Spotify ads.

Highly Engaged Users

When it comes to Spotify users, they are highly engaged. Listeners pick the music or podcast they want to consume and their full attention is on that. There is typically no other background noise while they’re listening. This heightens the chance of your ad being noticed during that time

Less competition, same targeting options

Compared to more popular media streaming platforms, there aren’t as many brands actively advertising on Spotify. Imagine a platform with some of the most engaged users, and your brand is there while many of your competitors aren’t. You have a clear opportunity to stand out and capture new markets.

Spotify Ad Studio makes it easier than ever to reach the right people at the right moment. Audio ads can be based on location, age, gender, device used, music tastes etc. You can get as deep as types of playlists. For example, if you’re a health conscious business you can target “Cooking” and “Workout” playlists. The options are endless and many businesses have not jumped on this marketing bandwagon yet.

Listening is Limitless

The average listening time on the Spotify app is 148 minutes in the form of music or podcasts.

Users are listening at all hours of the day. From the morning when they wake up, playing their favorite morning meditation. Putting on their favorite podcast in the car on the way to work, playing their favorite workout playlist at the gym, to putting on their sleep sounds to put them to sleep. Audio allows you to reach your audience when visual ads can’t. This gives advertisers a huge opportunity to increase exposure about their brand or company in between songs and podcasts!

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