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Why Project Management Apps Are Beneficial For Small Business Owners

First things first - What is Project Management?

In simple terms, project management is the process of leading a team and all of their work to hit certain goals in a specific time frame within budgets. Project management is a science of overseeing all persons involved and organizing all parts of a project to completion. Examples of project management in business are: Product launch, new marketing campaign or SEO implementation.

Large businesses have people in place to manage multiple projects within certain departments. If you’re a small business you are most likely juggling these projects on your own. This is where project management apps become your new best friend.


1. Improved planning and scheduling

Planning is probably the most important aspect of the entire project. Setting up deadlines, planning out deliverables, allocating resources can easily be done within management apps. You are able to easily establish the goals of your plan. This gives you the ability to offer transparency across the board. You can watch your projects growth, delegate tasks and set priorities for all persons involved. The app will lay out your roadmap clearly. Project management apps will streamline your plan/schedule effectively.

2. Ability to Track progress and Identify Risks

One of the most difficult things as a project manager is to track the progress of multiple projects that involve multiple people. Everyone has certain roles and determining what is on schedule and what is behind can become overwhelming if you are managing things on your own. The software will allow you to see every single stage of a project. This will help identify any risks in real time which will allow you to stay away from a potential crisis. The software will guide you to any possible risks by being able to view and communicate on any project at every stage. The software is also a centralized place where all of your data can live for easy access and editing for your entire team. This improves the overall efficiency of the team.

3. Better collaboration

Having a project management system will streamline the communication process within the team. Most answers will be able to be found within the centralized system itself. This gives everyone the flexibility to view and contribute to projects cohesively in real-time if need be. When all information and communication is in sync it promotes team building and productivity. A project management software is also beneficial with members working on a project in different departments. If this is the case, keeping project timelines up to date and accessible is a must so there are no gaps in communication or delays.

4. Easy file sharing and access

Most businesses already used shared drives to work on documents as a team. A software is more practical and offers storage, ability to leave feedback and make changes easily. Changes are also tracked so you are able to see a log of contributors which ensures transparency within the team

5. Enhanced productivity

Another advantage to project management softwares is that it will enhance the decision making process. When information is streamlined in one place you are able to make informed decisions with real-time information.

Popular project management apps include:

Notion (What Mango Uses)


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