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What TF is TikTok Marketing + How Can TikTok Marketing Help Your Small Business

“Wtf is TikTok Marketing and how can it benefit me?”

Well for starters, if you live under a rock, TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing, social media platform. TikTok is currently the fastest growing platform for Gen-Z and millennials. (But, don’t let that fool you, TikTok users span age ranges and create all types of content).

So, WTF is TikTok Marketing? TikTok marketing is similar to Instagram Marketing. It has its own KPIs and ways to understand analytics. TikTok allows you to do paid promotions or create a platform for your brand by uploading videos.

We strongly recommend using videos that are high quality, have good lighting, and provide a unique experience for your business. Pictures tell a thousand words. We like to think video tells a million.

How can TikTok Benefit your business?

Well, for starters, it attracts millennials and Gen-Z users, who not only make up a huge portion of social media users but now are a huge percentage of United States consumers. The average age in the United States currently is 38 years old and on average Gen-Z makes up for almost 40% of consumerism. Every day more and more Gen-Z enter the workforce (and millennials have been in the workforce for years) so it is important that businesses focus on those generations to drive sales + create brand loyalty.

Gen-Z and Millennials are less brand loyal than any other generation. However, they are tech savvy and consumer savvy. You can win them over by sharing your business on platforms that they frequent. TikTok provides the platform to share behind the scenes, product education, your political views, your charitable donations, if you're a dog lover, and more. TikTok users want to know who and what your business is made up of in order to make purchasing decisions.

TikTok can benefit your business by utilizing video to create content that can be used and reused on the platform as well as repurposed on other platforms. Your willingness to adapt, think out of the box, and showcase your business is in your best interest. We are in an ever-changing world Those that survive need to be willing to adapt, make changes, go with the flow, and have multiple forms of marketing.

Here is your reminder to not be afraid. Go out and make a video. It could go viral, it could tank, and it could gain you a new customer. You will learn, grow and create a brand for the right people that are waiting to find you.

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