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What are the 3 Cs of SEO

SEO is complicated but it can be broken down simply. It all comes down to three main elements: content, code, and credibility aka the 3 C's of SEO!

Let's take a closer look on how they help aid in your website and brand success.

1. Content

When it comes to SEO, content is QUEEN. You've heard us say this so many times before. The content on your website should be high-quality, clear, and informational to your target audience. Keep it branded and keep it relevant. Content is your text, images, videos and more. Google runs on an algorithm, like every other app, to evaluate the content on your website and determine where you should land.

If your content favors google's algorithm well then you'll land higher.

2. Code

The includes everything from the HTML and CSS used to design your pages. It's all the backend things that, well, make your website your website. Code plays a crucial role in SEO because it affects the search engines directly. It's written in a way so the search engines understand how to index your website.

3. Credibility

The credibility of your website refers to being trustworthy to the search engines and to website viewers. Search engines factor the quality of content, the number of inbound links and the overall user experience.

Want your website to have better credibility for SEO, start by back linking. We've talked about inbound links from other sites in many other SEO blogs. You can also do this by social media, guest blogging, affiliate links, and influencer outreach.

Also, don't forget, that great user experience helps with credibility. Focus on your page speed and uploading times.

A quick recap: the 3 C's of SEO – content, code, and credibility – are all Important elements that coincide for creating better search results for users. Remember, SEO is for the long haul but a very powerful tool.