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Top 4 Tips For Marketing To Gen Z

We are Shark Tank Fans. We are also Mark Cuban fans. We like to think he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Mark Cuban has said in multiple interviews that he believes Gen Z will go down as the 'greatest' generation in history. That's some pretty big shoes to fill.

Gen Z are the real ‘greatest generation’ and boomers are the most ‘disappointing’ - Mark Cuban

Don't kill the messenger. We're a majority Millenninals team (with some Gen Z)

Who is Generation Z aka Zoomers: the generation reaching adulthood in the second decade of the 21st century, perceived as being familiar with the internet from a very young age. They are born from 1997 to 2012. Gen Z is looked at to be the current largest buying power across the globe.

What they are all about: We never like to generalize but Gen Z, as a whole, focus on social politics, passions and features of a product. Unlike millennials who enjoy the experience, Gen Z wants to make sure features and benefits of a product are worth the investment. Gen Z has always had access to the internet, loves to deep dive into education and has a shorter attention span than previous generations.

Here are our Top 4 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z:

Educate them: Gen Z does not believe they are the experts. They want to learn. They do not want to just learn about your product though. Generation Z is hoping to learn hacks that help cut down on time, money, energy and more. Pivoting your product to showcase those tips of things are important. Create your brand as the expert.

Showcase your political stance: Gen Z, Millennials and many other generations are starting to put their money where their morals are. Showcase what you believe in, where your company donates and do not be silent on things that are important to you. Connecting people to causes is not only helpful, educational but give the brands humanized voice.

Offer Choices:

Generation Z is more independent. They need control, inspiration and a personalized experience. This generation is not loyalty focused. If you want to keep them, you have to keep providing your worth and value as a brand.

Focus on Attention before Engagement

They are fast paced, multi-tasking, research heavy individuals. If you can capture attention, the engagement will follow. They are on social media more than other generations plus they all check their emails -- multiple times a day. Make sure you create reusable content across your brand's social media platforms but focus on showcasing exclusive content for each platform's specific needs.

Do you think Gen Z stands up to the impressive statement Mark Cuban made about them? We like to this so. Mango Marketing Co will always be ahead of trends, showcasing research and consistency with marketing and provide you with all the tools. Let us know if this information was helpful.


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