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TikTok Tricks For Your Small Biz

We know you’ve heard it from everyone + every “social media guru”. “Get on TikTok” “Post More Video” “Show Up For your business”. Our advice is a little different but the idea is the same – get on TikTok.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? If you’ve read our blog, “What is TikTok Marketing + How Can It Benefit Your Business” you know that it’s an important part of any strategy for the 2022 digital world. We are proud of you for signing up, and we are proud of you for researching. Now, let’s get right down to business.

Here are four ways to TikTok Better for your small business:

  1. Create a consistent message

Consistency is a buzzword that all the gurus use. But, WTF does consistency even mean? Do you just post a lot? Post every day? Consistency means that your audience is able to find the information with ease AND they know when it’s coming.

For instance, if you are a beauty brand on TikTok and you want to post 4x a week, divide your time into content pillars. Maybe you want to showcase behind the scenes, education on the product, and client love/reviews.

We’d suggest creating series and days where clients can find you. Do this by making videos with strong calls to action and announcing clear messages for your clients. An example of a weekly strategy for a brand like this would look like:

Mondays: Client Love. Post user generated content/reviews with a strong call to action stating “Come back each Monday to see who’s loving the newest lipstick collection” and “Tag us on TikTok to be featured every Monday”

Wednesday and Thursday: Education focused. Make sure to create content that has people in it to draw more users in. Be consistent with using cover text and highlighting these as education. This will allow new users a fast way to identify what they are looking for. Strong call to actions for these can be things like “What is your favorite lip combo?” or “Do you struggle to match your foundation?”

Friday: Behind The Scenes. This can be from previous photoshoots, A day in the life, office views, production making, packing orders, etc. People eat this up! It gives them an idea of the brand, who you are, and how they can support you. In the marketing world, we call this humanization (or relying on emotions)

*humanization: the process of making something that is not human seem like a person, or treating something that is not human as if it is a person. Definition on google.

2. Get to the point, homie.

“Cool Story, bro”. TikTok's attention span is SHORT but do not fall into the trap of only posting five second videos. Instead, get right to the point with a convincing hook. A hook is exactly like it sounds, a way to reel your audience in to watch more. Let them know EXACTLY what they are about to watch. Some great hooks for TikTok videos can be things like “Did you know?”, “I wish I knew this tip before I started my business”, “Five ways to X” or one of our personal favorites, “What If I told you…”.

Please feel free to get creative with all your hooks and your video format. Just remember to make sure that your future client/customer knows exactly why they are watching. Be clear.

3. If you’re batching’s still trash.

Don’t batch content just to batch. If you do not have a clear and concise plan, then batching content is just a waste of time. Batching content can be really efficient for getting creative pieces out there, consistently and more often. It can also leave you with more time for other things that need attention in your business. However, without a clear plan, batched videos will go unused or not perform as successfully.

Our questions to think about to help make batch content creating effective are:

  • What are the things you want to talk about/showcase? Write them all down.

  • Do you have things to switch out for variety? Outfits, lipsticks, accessories, coffee, more

  • Are you going to stitch/duet any videos?

  • Do you have any promos/sales or newness coming up to make videos for?

  • Do you have content pillars? What are they?

  • How many videos do you want to do/how many days will you post?

  • Did you hit all the content pillars?

If you need help with creating a strong strategy, feel free to click the link and book a session with us.

4. Does the trend make sense?

Don’t jump on it if it doesn’t make sense. Trending songs don’t mean you’ll go viral. In fact, a lot of time, if the trend has “taken off” into a viral sensation, you might get lost in the sauce. Stand out, be different, identify with your audience. Don’t always follow the crowd.

Remember, viral moments do not mean gained followers, gained sales, or even that the RIGHT people will see your stuff. Your business is worth longevity not 15 minutes (or in TikToks case, 15 seconds) of fame.

If you go to our homepage and scroll to the Free Resources, you can download our How To TikTok Better checklist, Our Biz Checklist, and more.


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