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Digital Marketing & Design Studio.

Mango Marketing Co_

"There's other   marketing teams   out there but they   can't do for me   what you do for   me..." 

Mango Marketing Co


Mango Marketing Co. is a women-led, digital marketing and design studio. We started this company to elevate businesses and brands through marketing strategy, website design, branding design, branding photography, content creation and social media strategy. Let us plant the seed to grow your business — digitally

"Mango Marketing! Hands down the best decision I’ve made for my business. They created my website, did my branding photography, rebranded my business and made the process so easy. Creative is an understatement, they understood my vision from start to finish. So grateful!"

Ready to crush your  digital marketing? 


Marketing Strategy

Strategy calls are to create a targeted plan of action for immediate changes to your business and nuturing a mindset to reach business goals.


Branding Design

A brand is so much more than your logo, fonts and a color palette. It's how you are recognized, how you stand out, it's the experience you give your clients and how your business is defined. Your branding visually represents your business identity.


Branding Photography

Professional images for your website, blog, social media, marketing, portfolio and more. We offer full day and half day shoots with creative direction. Headshot mini sessions are available at our Baltimore Studio.


Content Creation

Photo and video content is visual storytelling for your target audience. Our Content Creation includes professional photos, social media graphics and video editing for social media platforms.


Website Design

We believe your website is your strongest marketing tool. We design Wix websites *built from scratch*, making your site 100% unique. Our process starts with a design planning call and ends with a website that works for you.


Social Media Strategy

Social Media is more than pretty photos and viral videos. A social media strategy will help create a consistent plan that focuses on your brand identity and building a loyal community — online and offline.  It involves analyzing the audience, understanding how to create and share content, ways to engage with followers and tracking performance.

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Let's take your online presence to the next level. We work together to make your business a success. Our strategic marketing process is: Connect, Research, Implement and Launch!

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Mango Marketing Co_
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