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The Perks of Canva For Your Small Biz

We’ve talked about Canva before, and we won’t stop. Canva is a popular design tool that offers users an easy way to create professional graphics for any project such as branding, magazines, logos, business cards, email templates, portfolios etc. Canva has a user-friendly interface that brings simplicity and efficiency to designing.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Canva:

1. You don’t need to be a professional

One of the most important perks to Canva is the user-friendly interface. If you’ve ever tried other programs like Adobe, you know how overwhelming and almost impossible it is to start without taking a course first. Canva was created to make graphic designing straightforward, accessible and easy to everyone. It has a drag and drop interface that allows you to move freely within your project. You can create professional-looking designs in minutes and is the perfect solution that needs custom graphics and quick.

2. You can collaborate

If you’re working with others on a design and need to share it quickly, it can be a hassle and a process to have to download the image, send it off and get feedback. Canva let’s you do all of this at once. Canva has a few options including Teams, shareable links etc. This allows you and others to comment, tag each other, assign tasks, leave feedback and share. Canva makes it so easy to interact with your team on a single design project

3. Cost effective

If you’re familiar with designing in general, you know that softwares such as Adobe can be upwards of $55/month and $85/month for a team's plan. Canva offers both a free plan and premium plans depending on what your needs are. The free plan is great for those just starting out and want to try out the program. In the free plan you still get access to plenty of features that allow you to create beautiful images. The Pro plan is perfect for professionals who want to dive into the advanced tools that are offered. THe premium plan comes in as little as $12.99/month.

4. Free Design templates

Starting with a blank slate can be overwhelming, especially as a beginner. Canva offer hundreds of templates to help you get started and guide you to be able to customize it to fit your vision. The templates will make life so much easier and save hours on projects. The templates are a great way to experiment as well. You’’ find anything from brochures, social media posts, menus, flyers, cards, invitations, presentations, tha options are endless. You can’t go wrong when using a Canva template.

5. Stock Imagery

Another huge perk to using Canva is that you get access to a huge library of high quality images for FREE. Purchasing stock images from websites can start to become expensive. Canva has a collection of millions of images that are safe to use and will relieve you of having to worry about usage rights. The options are endless and you’re guaranteed to find images that represent your story and brand.

Check out Canva for your small business!


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