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Should I Start a Business?

Where what you love doing meets what you can be paid for...

Short answer: We can not tell you what to do. It's yo' life. But on the other hand, life will always hand us lemons so go ahead, make some mango lemonade.

Here are three ways to know if you should start business:

  1. Do you have an idea that is already currently generating/could generate money?

Great, that's the first start. Maybe, you are amazing at baking! Every time you go to a cook out, everyone wants to know when you are bringing over those delicious cupcakes. Just remember, friends and family are never our client. Don't rely on them. Even if its a damn good cupcake, our closest to us tend to love it cause it's us...or cause it's free.

2. What sets you a part from your competitors?

If you don't know this answer, now is the time to truly research. We also don't have time for Kanye-style answers. "Well, I know my cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard." Everyone starting a business thinks they have the best cupcakes. But, truly, what makes yours better than your competitors?

Let's break it down even farther: What is your mission? What are your values? Do you use a certain ingredient you're not seeing on the market? Do you have a certain group you're niched down towards? How about focusing on certain events? Do you deliver? Are you offering on site or mobile? Ask yourself the ins & outs of your business idea + then compare it to your competition.

Pivot accordingly + come out the gates swingin'. (or come out the oven poppin', which ever analogy works best).

3. Do you have an angel investor? Straight up, do you have money to do this?

::plays Wu Tang:: Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Dolla, Dolla, Bills Y'all. In all seriousness, do you have the cash to start this? Do you have cash if a client wants a refund or money for insurance if someone gets sick? We also want you to think about having the money for your website, business cards, additional baking supplies and back ups for lost or broken things. The list goes on with the things needed to start up a business -- successfully and the right way to avoid chaos later on.

We love those who still work a 9-5 while working on their business. Other jobs or forms of income can be called Angel Investors. Angel Investor is something that help fund your business either by providing income, providing cash, providing labor or by providing education.

If you answered these questions and still want more advice, keep reading + researching. We're available to chat in coaching calls to help create your decision as a team effort.

Our strategy calls will be a schedule 1 hour phone call to discuss specific digital marketing needs, give you advice and give you a targeted plan of action to make immediate changes to your business.