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What is Mini Branding and How To Use Your Branding Design Files

You just got your Mini Branding Design files, now what!? What's included in your Mini Branding Design:

Primary Logo A logo that you use the most. We recommend this logo on your website header and your main marketing materials.

Secondary Logo A alternative version of your primary logo. We recommend this logo on your website footer and your social media marketing materials.

Brand Mark This is a very simplified version of your primary logo. It is a circle and can be utilized on online profiles, website favicon or smaller marketing materials.


Fonts used to create your logo variations.

Color Palette Color palettes are typically 4-6 colors that are used to represent your brand.

Branding Mood Board This is also what we send over to approve design. The mood board is for you to continuously reference for brand consistency.

Things not included in Mini Branding but are helpful:

Brand Icons and/or Brand Patterns A more detailed design symbol or visual image that helps immediately recognize a certain brand.

Social Media Graphics Mini Branding Design includes 1 social media graphic. The is a Full Branding package includes a variety of graphics using the above Colors, Fonts and Logos to help create a cohesive social media presence.

Continue on to read, after the graphic, about how to use your Mini Branding Files.

Here's some quick tip ways to use your new logos, colors, typography (fonts), icons, patterns, brand marks, etc.

  • Website Header or Footer

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Profile Photos

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Social Media Reel Covers

  • Social Media Stories

  • Additional Social Media Needs

  • Online Listings/Directory Profile Photos

  • Business Cards

  • Thank You Cards

  • Notebooks, Pens, Pencils

  • Email Newsletters

  • Brochure Designs

  • Invoices, Receipts

  • CRM

  • Tote Bags, Hats, T-Shirts, Hoodies

  • Mugs, Cups, Stickers

  • Product Packaging

  • Envelopes

  • USB Drives

  • Calendars

  • Business Signage

  • Digital Marketing Materials

  • Printable Marketing Materials

  • Mailing, Shipping, Return Address Labels

  • Press Releases and PR Publications

  • Watermark

  • Computer or Phone Wallpaper


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