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How AI is Changing Marketing

First things first, what is AI? AI is short for Artificial Intelligence which is the idea of programming machines to use language to solve problems for humans while improving over time as data is gathered. You may not realize it but AI is everywhere form you chatbots on websites to

What’s incredible about AI is that it is able to interact with humans in a natural manner. AI is has the ability to gather insights and grasp concepts which allows it to be able to learn, interpret, understand and reason.

“In the era of big data, we have the need to mine all of that information and humans can no longer do it alone” - Mark Simpson, IBM

AI is playing a significant role in industries like manufacturing and healthcare. Let’s see how it’s altering the marketing world. A crucial piece to marketing in general is data. Data allows marketers to be able to analyze facts to be able to produce a cohesive plan that is based on certain segments. AI has the ability to gather customer data across multiple platforms (ex. websites, social media) and scale customer personalization to be able to craft the perfect marketing message to each individual. It produces a custom experience for each customer and uses its data to influence purchases, build awareness and brand loyalty and shape the customer's entire journey for a business.

Not only does AI create a personalized journey for customers - it allows marketers to understand the customers response during their journey in order to collect feedback and improve practices to boost conversion rates.

With AI, businesses are able to predict future trends with extreme accuracy. This allows businesses to automate many aspects of marketing including, optimizing campaigns in real-time, making informed decisions etc. AI has completely changed the world of marketing and continues to enhance itself as time goes on. The level of information AI can hold and can extract is unlimited, allowing marketers to deliver the most targeted messages and engage with customers at a deeper level to achieve growth.


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