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Celebrate with Us! Two Years of Creative Growth and Impact.

In just two years since its inception, Mango Marketing Co. has blossomed into a creative force. What started as a visionary idea has evolved into a dynamic agency that combines innovative strategies, designs and execution, quirky merch, engaging events, educational classes, and philanthropic initiatives. As we reflect on the past two years, Mango Marketing Co. is proud of all the women owned businesses we helped elevate through marketing strategy, website design, brand design, branding photography, content creation, and social media strategy. So let’s look back and celebrate!

Nurturing Brands to Success

The journey began by collaborating with amazing women owned businesses, each with distinct needs and aspirations. From startups aiming to establish their presence to established businesses seeking a fresh approach. Notable clients from our portfolio include Philly Wine, elevating their branding design and strategy that allows them to provide exceptional educations and experiences in wine, spirits, sake, and beer while building a community, to website and branding design and photography for Halo Hair + Halo Curl that offers a modern, friendly and relaxed approach to curly hair. See our full Portfolio HERE

Mango Mixers

Mango Mixers emerged as an inclusive networking event for local woman owned businesses to make connections, build relationships and support each other online and in person. We’re proud to have fostered local connections and built a community to offer a safe space for businesses and entrepreneurs to gather and collaborate. We assemble a kick-ass group of sponsors for each mixer to create a special and unique experience - shout out to them for being a part of our events! Mango Mixers celebrated its 7th event just this past weekend! If you didn’t know, every Mango Mixer hosts a raffle where proceeds are then donated to powerful organizations to create change. Over the years, we’ve managed to support the following organizations and will continue to spread the support to a different organization every quarter.

Educational Empowerment

As advocates of continuous learning, Mango Marketing Co. takes pride in offering educational classes that empower individuals and businesses. This year we started offering classes on social media marketing, which includes Content Creation and SEO Marketing. We provided practical insights and skills to help businesses build brand loyalty by creating a consistent message. We are offering two additional classes this year, check out the dates and details here:

Inspiring Merch

The Mango Marketing Co. merch line has become a fun passion project that allows us to express ourselves and our brand identity. During our two years in biz, we’ve released T-shirts, tote bags, pins etc. adorned with cheeky designs and thought-provoking slogans that have become conversation starters. We’ve also released digital Workbooks to help educate small businesses on social media and eventing. All merch we offer are Mango original designs and we are proud to work with other small businesses to bring these designs to life. Stay tuned for more! Shop our shop HERE. Check out the screen printing company that we work with: Bombardment Printing.

In just two years, Mango Marketing Co. transformed from an idea into an inspiring reality. We are honored to have been able to support so many businesses and organizations and can’t wait to continue. We’re thrilled to have been featured on: Voyage Baltimore, Freelancing Females,, WomELLE, WomLEAD Magazine and Canvas Rebel. As Mango Marketing Co. enters its third year, it does so with a trail of accomplishments behind it and a promising future ahead. Let’s continue to plant seeds to help businesses grow!

For a more detailed look at our journey, clients, events, and impact, visit our website at and follow us on Instagram at