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Advertising vs Editorial Write Ups vs Aditorials (& which one is for you)

We are so happy that you are stepping into the world of PR with us. Public Relations (if you've read our other blogs) can do so much for your business. What is Public Relations? Well, Google defines it as "the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company, other organization, or a famous person." It can be expensive and costly to focus on what is worth branching out and what is not for the budget at this time. Thankfully we are going to breakdown some terms that are helpful to determine the right type of printable or digital AD spend that would work for your business needs.

Advertising: It's pretty to the point. You would be paying to host an AD on a magazine, radio or blogs website, social media or on printed forms such as magazines. This is great for local business, showcasing events, large site wide sales and expanding your customer market.

Editorial Write Ups: This is when a company wants to write about you. They want to interview your team, have you come out to their location, meet the staff and more. This is usually not something you pay into. Write Ups happen because you've paid your dues, have a compelling story and have been networking your little mango ass off.

ADitorials: Yep, Advertising + Editorial. You've guessed it! ADitorials are advertising that is made to look like an editorial write up. Basically, you are paying the blog, magazine, news outlets and other journalist to write about your brand. A lot of times ADitorials will require you to present copy or artwork to help with the overall piece.

The hardest part of all of this? Finding the time to negotiate your budget for AD spend, networking with all these outlets and getting your story seen multiple times. Thats where Mango Marketing Co Public Relations department comes in. To chat about our pricing for Public Relations Representation, media kit, ADitorial copy and more, email us.