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Why Sponsoring An Event Is Great For Your Marketing

Many businesses miss the mark and opportunity to use sponsorships as a marketing strategy. When you sponsor an event and effectively follow up with the attendees, this puts your company in a great position to increase sales, credibility and brand awareness.

1. Brand awareness: As a sponsor for an event, your company will be highlighted in a space of hundreds to thousands of potential customers that may not know you exist. This is an opportunity to build press and social media engagement by possibly being featured by those you interact with. This will overall expand your brand reach


2. Meet potential customers: When choosing an event to sponsor, do your due diligence and research the type of event and attendees. Make sure the environment is one that is similar to your target audience. This allows you to meet potential customers in person and connect with them on a personal level. This is great because when you follow up, you have a higher chance of a response because you were able to leave an impression on them.

3. Boost social media: Sponsoring events gives you content to post about. While you are posting during, before and after, you are creating buzz and opening the door for mentions and customer engagement. At some events you can offer freebies or discounts for posting to their social accounts which generates leads and followers.

Business relationships. Sponsorship also gives your business a good opportunity to meet and collaborate with other non-competing companies, not only with the event itself but also with the other companies present at the event. You’ll be able to meet with many small and large businesses that are participating, and potentially form relationships with them to collaborate in the future.


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