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Three Ways To Market Your Business That Is Not Digital

Digital marketing is the way of the world currently. There was a time before the internet and traditional marketing methods ruled. Just like everything else around us, things evolve as technological, cultural, and societal shifts happen. However, traditional marketing can be tried and true for some businesses. As most of us know, digital marketing is rolled out online through email marketing, social media, online ads etc. Traditional marketing takes place in the more physical sense such as print ads, billboards, TV, phone calls, mailers etc.

1. The Power of Mail

The US Postal Service started in the 1700s and we still use it to this day. Mail has always been a part of our lives and many may associate it with receiving bills and catalogs from your favorite stores. There is something magical about receiving a piece of mail that is unexpected. Whether you plan to send postcards introducing your business, a small press release or discount code to current customers or ad/flyer to locals. Mail is effective because they’re not expecting it. If you target the mailers correctly it is a nice surprise to receive something that is relatable.

2. Word of Mouth

There is something to be said about the traditional marketing strategy of word of mouth. These days we often see it digitally through influencers who work with brands and businesses. However, there is tons of potential when it comes to word of mouth that is face to face. Whether you participate in speaker engagement opportunities to tell your story while promoting your business, attending trade shows in your industry or going in-person to local businesses to drop off flyers/create relationships. There is so much more value when you are face to face with someone speaking about something you are passionate about. The connection is stronger and there is a 100% chance of a response.

3. Eventing and Tradeshows

Creating your own events and participating in events can be a very refreshing marketing strategy. Eventing allows interaction with current and potential customers, opportunity to cross-promote with other businesses etc. When creating an event it drives outreach and local networking. In return you build partnerships and are able to put other traditional marketing tactics into play like in-person interaction, passing of pamphlets and business cards, networking with others in the industry. Creating and participating in events or tradeshows is a huge opportunity to build that client email list. When you have a positive interaction at tradeshows, they are likely to happily give you their information so they stay up to date with your business.

4. Billboards

Billboards have been an effective marketing tactic for over 100 years. There are many benefits to billboard marketing, let’s dive in. Visibility is unmatched. If you’re really looking to build brand awareness, billboards will do just that. Eye catching designs will capture the attention of eyes on the road and there is a huge chance that if the dedisng is interesting enough, they will do more research. I can’t tell you how many times I see a random billboard that is silly and I look it up to see what it’s all about because I want to know more. Other benefits of billboards is they are always on, 24/7 exposure, audience diversity, more impressions and targeted locations.

In general digital marketing will always have an edge over traditional but depending on your business. There are downsides to it though. DIgital marketing depends on the internet. Like all technology, sometimes things break, glitch etc. Websites and social platforms could go down and in those situations all you can do is wait. So these traditional marketing methods are great to try out to boost your biz. Ideally, you should be melting both traditional and digital methods together.