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Three Ways To Market Your Business Digitally

If you read last weeks blog, you know that we focused on multiple ways to market your business without the internet. Here is a few ways to market your business -- digitally.

1. Content marketing

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of online information in the form of videos, blogs, social media posts, podcasts, newsletters etc. that indirectly promotes the business. The main purpose of content marketing is to stimulate interest for the business while providing educational and entertaining content.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to market your business digitally because it fuels other aspects of your digital marketing plan. When you create content it ties in with your SEO, social media, emails etc. Content marketing is not an option, it is a necessity.

Key benefits:

  • Free of cost (if you are just starting a business and doing it solo)

  • Engages your audience

  • Brand awareness

  • Content is very versatile and can be repurposed on multiple platforms

  • Draws in potential clients

  • Indirect promotion

  • Creates brand advocates

  • Educates and informs customers about newness, sales etc.

The key to successful content marketing is determining our target audience and consistency. Do you research the audience you are trying to capture and nurture it. Create a plan and stick to it. Once you have gained the trust of your customers, you will be their go-to for information, products or services. Content marketing is very important because it sets the precedent that your brand/business is a trusted voice within your industry.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great approach if you are working with a small budget. This is a great way to improve sales and it is typically very low risk with a high return when done correctly. Affiliate marketing is when a brand/business outsources promotion to individuals and incentivizes them by being able to earn a commission on each sale for marketing the products/services.

Key benefits:

  • Little to no cost to set up

  • Low risk

  • Targeted traffic

  • High ROI

Affiliate marketing is great for business because you are able to have a countless number of affiliates. Each individual is promoting your product/service through different platforms and it not only boosts sales but brand awareness.

3. Mobile device marketing

Mobile marketing focuses on reaching a specific audience through devices such as phones, tablets, mobile websites, SMS etc. Mobile devices make up over half of all organic search engine visits in the US. People are constantly on their phones and what better place to promote your business than on the devices that capture millions of eyes daily.

Key benefits:

  • Location based targeting - specific audience segments

  • Shareability

  • Detailed tracking and analytics

  • Personalization

A common and effective example of mobile marketing is through SMS. Depending on the business, you can find great results by offering discounts, new products or bundles via text. Remember, mobile marketing is extremely targeted so you have a higher chance of a return.


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