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The Lessons We Learned From All Marketers Are Liars

Thank you for joining us for the Mango Book Club last month. On our TikTok in July, we read “All Marketers Are Liars/Tell Stories" By Seth Godin.

We rated it 3.5 Mangoes out of 5. It's what Yelp would call "Meh." Don't get us wrong, there was some good, some bad and some worthy. Mango Marketing Tells Stories? Yes, but we’re not here to tell lies, we’re here to spit TRUTHS. Here’s what we really thought of it…

Loved it, liked it, not for us.

~At just 186 pages, this book is an easy read, and a great way to understand the very core, very basics of marketing.

~There is a repeated theme throughout the book about understanding the consumer’s worldview, which we deem as an important piece of knowledge when it comes to marketing your business.

“Marketing is about spreading ideas, and spreading ideas is the single most important output of our civilization.” - Seth Godin

~It is from 2005, so the language and examples are a little outdated. Forgivable, though, considering all of the information and perspectives that are timeless, and still very much applicable today.

Big takeaways

There is a value in storytelling:

We’re not talking lies, we’re talking relatable experiences that are derived from truths so the consumer can see themselves in your brand

Don't change someone's worldview

*Not everyone will share your worldview–don’t go trying to change the way someone thinks to make them like you (life lessons all around), attract YOUR consumer, not EVERY consumer

Cheap isn't marketing -- someone will always be cheaper.

Still worth a read? Absolutely. Interested in reading the next book? InstaBrain by Sarah Weise.