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The Benefits of Quickbooks For Woman-Owned Brand New Small Businesses

Starting a small business can be an exciting experience, but it can also be very difficult for business owners to manage their finances and accounting without the right tools. Organization and cashflow is too huge mistakes in the first few years of business. From a marketing standpoint, the better you are with organization and budget the more we can advance in the marketing plan.

Many of the issues faced by new business owners – and especially woman business owners – can now be overcome with the help of Quickbooks, an accounting software suite designed specifically for small businesses. Having an accountant can be a no-go in the first few years of business. Most bookkeepers charge $500-2000 a month to keep track of business accounts -- not including your business taxes.

Quickbooks provides an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the process of managing finances, tracking inventories, and sharing information with others. With Quickbooks, small woman-owned businesses can quickly and accurately keep track of their finances and ensure their operations are running effectively.

This leads to improved efficiency and greater focus in running the company. For a new business, a huge benefit of using Quickbooks is the ability to manage bookkeeping in an easy and efficient way -- like mentioned above. It eliminates the need for manual bookkeeping, reducing human-error and eliminating hours of paperwork. The software also provides a range of financial reports that can be generated quickly in order to understand where money is coming from and where it is being spent. (They have a great profit/loss section to help you through this). Quickbooks can also help manage cash flow. This includes providing an overview of business, your expenses, bills and more.

You could say Quickbooks is like the AI of Accounting.

Mango has utilized Quickbooks since the beginning of our business. Both Co-Founders use them as well in their other businesses. We should also add that their customer service is effecient and timely when handling all issues including payroll.

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