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The Benefits of Content Creation For Small Businesses

Today we’re diving into the wonderful world of content creation.

“Be specific enough to be believable and universal enough to be relevant.” Ann Handley

Now when you think about the term “Content Creation” your first thought may be a viral video on your timeline or seeing a sponsored post by an influencer on your feed but at the core of it, content creation is a form of self-expression (hehe, a mango core value!)

As much as we associate content creation with social media, this has been a concept way before the Internet existed. Creators back then, were using books, art, music, photography as their way to inspire others. Now, we see content as blog posts, emails, podcasts, videos etc.

Although we are about to get into why content creation is important in marketing, let’s not forget that our goal is to still inspire. Content creation can really transform your business. If done strategically, you can find major long term success. Let’s get into some of the key benefits.

First, it builds brand loyalty and trust. Creating content will build and nurture the relationship you have with your audience. It allows you to interact with them and connect with them in a mutual planning field which is the interest and love for your brand Content allows you to create value for your customer because they see you as an expert in a niche and trust and loyalty will follow.

As you build a community based on trust and loyalty, you need to ensure a plan of retention as well. Consistently creating high quality content will engage your audience with positive experiences and will have them coming back for more. Content will keep your brand at the top of their mind when they see you post a TikTok or an Instagram carousel. This will keep reminding them of their experience with you and the value that you provide them.

Another benefit to content creation is with every piece of content you put out, your SEO will boost. The main search engine that we know and love is Google. However, each social platform has become their very own search engine for their users. So the more often you are posting on platforms, the more eyes will see your brand. When you get more views you have a higher chance of engagement with those eyes. When you have higher engagement, over time you can start to rank higher in the searches that people make related to your brand. Make sure to use keywords in anything you are posting on the internet so the right people can find you.

The last benefit we are touching on today is the way content generates leads and increases conversions. We just talked about how SEO works right? More eyes = more leads. When your content connects with new eyes, you’re creating the initial relationship with them aka generating a lead. Let’s say someone new starts following you because they enjoyed your post. Now, although they are following you, they’re not yet a customer so as you continue to post, you are nurturing that lead. You are educating them about your brand, products/services. You’re building that relationship that will in turn, at the right post, right time, they will come to you when they need your product/service (conversions.)

Now we understand why they say “Content is King.” However, here at Mango we love the sound of “Content is Queen.” There are so many benefits to content creation that we’re not able to hit them all here today but don’t worry, we have plenty more tips and tricks coming when it comes to content.


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