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Should You Invest in a CRM Program For Your Small Business?

Are client emails filling your inbox? Do you struggle to remember if you sent the right contract? Or, even worse, a client doesn't pay their do you send a reminder email? CRM programs help to streamline your communication between your business + your client. The best part? No company is too small or too niche to not benefit from these tools.

So, what exactly is a CRM program or more importantly, what does a CRM program do? A CRM system essentially provides a central place where your small business can store past, present and potential client data, track customer interactions, and share this information with anyone involved with the growth of your small business brand.

Mango Marketing Co uses Dubsado for all that we do. Don't take our word for it. Research and find the best ones for you. Honeybook is a great one for Photographers and Makeup Artists. Sift, founded by our cookie making friend Emily, is great for all those in the food business. But remember, any CRM program could benefit you depending on your needs.

I personally love using a CRM because it gives me peace of mind. Before a CRM, I would have those moments of panic laying in bed feeling like I forgot to fulfill an order or that I missed an inquiry or a key detail. A CRM allows me to have all of the details for my projects in one place so I can be confident I am not missing anything. - Emily, Founder of Sift

Here are the three ways Mango Marketing Co uses CRM programs: 1. CRM programs are great for contracts

The contracts are sent to our employees and to clients. We can both digitally sign them and have them in a safe place to review/revise if needed.

2. CRM programs are great for invoicing

We love that we can send out an invoice with a direct link to pay. It even gives us and our clients the options to set reminders. This helps avoid delays in payments which causes delays in project completions.

3. CRM programs are great for client files.

We don't love having things all over the place. No need to have some client stuff in Asana, some in Google Drive, some via email. We utilize the client files to ensure contract, invoices, notes from strategy calls, and even birthdays.

Interested in checking out a CRM program for your business? Here are some links that have the Mango discount, just for our mango community.

Dubsado Sift

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