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Our Trip to Alt Summit 2023

A recap of our Trip at Alt Summit

If you don't know what Alt Summit is the "premier conference & community for thousands of creative entrepreneurs & influencers." (from

We love a conference or a mixer to feel elevated and rejuvenated. No better idea then heading to Palm Springs, California in the middle of March to attend.

Day One: Saturday, March 11th: Travel Day

We flew out of Philadelphia. We had a layover in Phoenix with all intentions to explore. Our delayed flight coming in had us just scarfing down airport tacos and hoping on our next flight.

The airport damaged Alicia’s luggage and items but that’s a story for another day.

Travel Days are always exhausting so we kept it easy. We’re both “unpackers” at the hotel. Natty wasn’t always. We got snacks from Trader Joe’s and forgotten items from Target. Dinner was tacos and salads from El Jeffe as we cheered the beginning of this adventure with Mango Margaritas.

Day Two: Sunday, March 12th: Welcome Day

We started the day off by exploring. Cheeky’s for brunch, window shopping, the art museum and botanical garden.

Then, we headed pool side. Our orange swimsuits were a hit! I know, I know what you’re thinking? “Wasn’t this a work trip?” It was. But, hi, it’s PALM SPRINGS. And it’s Sunday!

Plus, we took enough content to write this blog and seventy thousand others.

After the pool, we headed to the Welcome Gifting party. Ok, HELLO SWAG. It was amazing to connect with so many small businesses already!

We headed to dinner at 533 Viet. A fusion spot that had some tasty treats including chili lime flan. It was so good we made plans to head back but never made it.

Day Three: Monday, March 13th: Opening Day

Opening day was empowering to say the least. We started it with breakfast + mingling.

The founder of Alt Summit talked about her new book which is EVERYTHING that every one needed to hear. The crowd split up into groups after to attend different 15 minute TED style talks. (

The room was filled of energy, greatness and uplifting power. The day was filled of classes, speakers, mingling and more.

Here were three takeaways: 1. If you took four months off your business, would you still be able to create an income for your family?

2. Be the most useful piece of content on the internet

3. Ejaculate responsible

The monochromatic dance party was the let loose moment we needed.

Day Four: Tuesday, March 14th: The Nitty Gritty

This is getting long and if you've made it this far: thank you.

Tuesday is Mango Day back home; it was Mango Day in Palm Springs. We started with how to unf*ck your money mindset and ended with Bobby Berk from Queer Eye speaking! We do have to say, though, the diversity + inclusion panel stole our hearts. It was informative, brave and comforting to be able to attend that panel.

Three takeaways: 1. Inclusion isn't about you. It's about the person looking for safety. 2. You're not responsible for your first thought but you are responsible for your second. 3. paid newsletters We packed + chilled in the hotel room finishing up all our snacks, laughing at ourselves.

Day Five: Wednesday, March 15th: The Voyage

Our last dinner the night before was at Sandfish and it was our favorite meal the whole trip. In the morning, we headed out for breakfast. There was a few intimate roundup meetings to be involved in but food was calling. We went to Wilma & Frida's before heading to the airport. 10/10 service + 10/10 food! Highly recommend.

Thanks for reliving our adventure with us!