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How to Upgrade Your Brand in 2023

Build a user-friendly website

You probably already have a website but if you don’t we cannot stress enough about how much you need one. Creating an online presence is important in 2023 and an attractive website is just the beginning.

Your website showcases what you have to offer to potential customers. It gives a great first impression and it gives people comfort that you’re a serious business. Your website is accessible to anyone and anywhere. People can learn about your business at their leisure so making it user friendly and appealing is key. Expectations of website design and usability are very high. If people come across a low quality website and are more than likely to click out. Upgrade your business with a fresh site that will elevate your biz!


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the activity of directing your website to appear in people’s search results. SEO is meant to increase the traffic to your website. When people go to Google to look something up, they are looking for instant answers and will more than likely just sift through the first page results. This is why you want your website to appear at a higher rank.

There are different types of SEO to look into. 3 common forms are ‘On Page SEO’, ‘Off page SEO and Technical SEO. Local SEO is also a thing and is great for small businesses.

SEO offers higher visibility, website credibility, an increase in organic traffic, improved customer experience and more. When planned and executed correctly, SEO can really change your business. We will definitely dive more into SEO in the future! Stay tuned.

Invest in online ads

Online advertising gives you the ability to reach and target potential audiences with ease to track ROI. Many platforms like Google and Facebook will allow you to invest at a pay-per performance pricing model so you can do as little or as much as you want. These ads showcase your business to specific targets rather than broad audiences which makes it cost effective. There are many ad options that allow you to focus on geographical locations, gender, interests or specific words searched. You’re also able to choose which format best fits your campaign whether it’s images, videos, text or infographics. Online ads have a great return and can be extremely customized to fit your needs.

Create shareable and emotional content consistently

Another way to upgrade your business is to post content your audience can share with friends. The more your content is shared, the more reach you will obtain. This will improve your presence and generate conversation. Most users will repost content that they emotionally connect with. Being able to create emotional content is important to really engage your community. Incorporate emotional words and phrases in your captions and blog posts complimented with exciting images or videos. Don’t be afraid to disrupt the space to make that emotional connection. This will allow users to connect with your business on a different level and entice them to share with others.


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