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Email Essentials: How Small Product-Based Businesses Can Expand Their Reach

Hello Business Owner! If you're new here, hi! Hello! Welcome! If you're returning - It's great to have you, get comfy and don't forget to save for future reference.

Mango Marketing Co is all about brainstorming and collaboration. We know that running your small business is hard! Product based businesses need constant marketing especially in this period of the digital world. Social Media Marketing and Content Creation can take over a business owners entire day. Where do you have time to set up for events, pack orders, answer emails and more? At Mango, we know ALL about the amount of content that is needed to run a business. However, did you know that you don't own your social media platform?

If you did, great job! If we already told you this, that's okay! We're probably going to repeat this a few times. The information is important to help level up your business and your focus.

Email lists are the only thing you own on the internet! ::Shook:: Since this is so important we want to help you learn the 5 ways to build an email list for a product based business. By the way, building the list is only half the battle.

  1. Put a drop down box on your website within the first 7 seconds

We've all seen this. "Want an extra 15%? Sign up for our Newsletter." Entered our email to receive the 15% and received emails from the brand going forward. Plus, if you don't already, this is a great way to shop as a consumer. Also, quick ROI to gain a sale and a new customer.

2. On the bottom of your website have a "Join our Email List"

This one is more for the serious email inquirers. They are on the hunt to be apart of the brand's "in the know" moments. We like them.

3. Post about it on social media with giveaways

Yes, thats right. Entice the masses! Let your followers know on all your favorite platforms that they can be a part of the giveaway. All the have to do is click the link and sign up with their email. People love winning free things and now you have their email to share discounts, education, brand news and well, more giveaways.

4. Take it to the streets

Have a paper trail at your events and pop ups where people can write their emails for you to manually input later.

5. Opt-IN @ Check out

When you receive an online sale, have the customer add in their email with a little opt-in section. Let them know it's to receive brand news, promotions and more.

Here is one little Pro-Tip. Don't spam. Make sure your e-mails hold value, creates strong education and keep the viewer wanting more. If you are looking for email marketing help, email marketing strategy or design, please email us at

PS Never add emails you did not get permission to add onto your list. This is a quick way to get flagged as spam, get some angry emails or not gain your target market anyway. Allow your email list to grow with the right audience.

We can't wait to open all those emails from our favorite brands.