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Dropbox vs. Pixieset: Empowering Women-Owned Businesses with Efficient File Management

Many business owners in 2023 conduct business through their phone. There is an app for everything and with an on-the-go society, sometimes, we have no other choice. Storage can get expensive and feels like there is never enough. Plus, your camera roll is overwhelming to look for the things you truly need. Don't worry -- we have recommendations.

Mango Marketing Co uses two photo storage apps that also have pretty great desktop options. We use Dropbox and Pixieset. We will explain each below and how to figure out which is right for you and your small business needs.

Pixieset: Pixieset is the complete photo experience. It is geared for photographers and other photo sharing careers. It allows clients their own private gallery to view photos, favorite them, download and/or purchase. It allows for password protection and a comprehensive list of who is downloading/viewing and when. We love this for more private, intimate photos, as well as, making sure your clients have access until they otherwise want to make public. Pixieset also allows you and your client to choose multiple sizes of the photo and have access to their e-commerce store. The e-commerce is a 24/7 printing service to bring these photos to life. Besides photographers we see Pixieset great for: Interior Designers, Social Media Managers and Content Creators.

Use our code Pixieset code to become part of the fam.

Dropbox: Dropbox brings everything together for you and your clients. In Dropbox, you can upload traditional files, photos, video, cloud content, web content and everything in between into organized folders. Dropbox only allows access to each folder once someone has that access link. With dropbox all your files are backed up to their cloud + you have freed up space on your phone. Dropbox does have a free and paid option to use. We will be honest that many people run out of the free space quickly. However, they have an unlimited option for many small businesses. The ability to stay organized and reference later is endless. Dropbox is great for all small businesses, especially, hairstylists, makeup artists, social media managers, content creators, and influencers. We truly do not know any creative or small business owner that can't benefit from some cleared phone space and more organization.

Check out Dropbox through us but clicking this link.


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