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Branding Photography vs Content Creation

The internet is constantly making small businesses believe that they need to stay on top of trends, relevant and forever posting. There is two types of photos/videos that go out in our digital world. That would be content creation and branding photography. In this blog, we are going to breakdown the difference between branding photography and content creation to help you asset what you need, when and why.

Branding Photography: Branding photography is professional images that represent people and their brand photos help story tell to potential clients about your morals, values, and identity. You focus the images around your personal brand colors and style, making it easy and timeless to consistently use them. We asked Co-Founder Alicia why branding photography is important and she said:

"Potential Clients want to know you. You provide a service, they want to know you. Showing your face helps make a connection with the service and the person behind the brand."

Content Creation: Content Creation is the process of creating images, video and storytelling to help cultivate an experience for your viewers on social media platforms. For example: Content Creation is blogging, instagram captions, Instagram Reels, TikTok content, Facebook Posts, LinkedIN created education and more.

We asked our content creator and copywriter Katie why content creation is important and she said:

"Content Creation is important because it helps connect you to your ideal client while bringing authenticity to your brand in a visual and sometimes tangible way."

What one should you pick? Well, we'd say start with branding photography. It is timeless, can be used as content and an also be used as a guideline for how your content creation should be set up. Plus, the behind the scenes of branding photography makes for great content creation. Everything can be content. Content is king.

After the branding photos are completed, we suggest setting up a strategy on how to utilize content most effectively. That way when it comes down to it, no time is wasted and you create exactly what you need.

We offer multiple different services for content creation and branding photography at Mango Marketing Co. Please view our service pages to learn more. We're always available by email to answer any questions and offer strategy calls to help you create even more balance.