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7 Day Instagram/TikTok Challenge For Small Business Owners in 2024

Social media can be dreadful especially when you’re trying to keep up with the trends and viral songs/challenges to use and do. Today we are going to change things up with a 7-day social media challenge (Tik Tok, Instagram etc.) that will give you a break from having to worry about what to post next. Remember - storytelling content is the best content to post because it helps build a community to convert! Here is an easy guide including hooks to use for the next 7 days. Don’t forget to tag us so we can repost ya!

Day 1 - Day in the Life as a…

Share what your typical day consists of. Every business is different and it is interesting to see what other business owners do to keep their business going.

Creation Tip: Film 2-3 second clips of your entire day. Ex. shower or getting ready, making/getting coffee, workspace, what’s for lunch, gym, dinner, night routine etc.

Day 2 - Life Hack - “Today was the worst day ever…”

Share a life hack that your product or service solves

Creation Tip: Film yourself struggling with something that relates to your brand. Start your video saying “Today was the worst day ever.. “ Example: if you are a skincare company, showcase yourself in the mirror struggling with how your skin looks and offer the solution by showing how your product fixes that problem - “Today was the worst day ever, I woke up and my skin was cracked and dry!“

Day 3 - Customer Testimonial - “This may be controversial but…it’s not.”

Share a 5-star customer reviews

Creation Tip: Start the video by saying, “This may be controversial but…it’s not!” Screen record or flash several pictures on the screen of good reviews your brand has received. Add a shock factor to your voiceover and tone and rave about how your customers are enjoying your brand. This shows your brand's integrity and appreciation for customers.

Day 4 - Sneak Peek - “We’ve never told anyone this before….”

Give followers a sneak peek into a new product or an unknown fact about your biz.

Creation Tip: Film aspects of your new product or a behind the scenes clip and start our by saying “We’ve never told anyone this before….” and continue to highlight some facts with text overlay.

Day 5 - Product Showcase - “3 Reasons Why…”

Highlight your best selling product or service

Creation Tip: In natural lighting hold/perform your product/service (applying the product, working on your laptop (digital services) etc.) for 30 seconds. Voice over the video and start with the hook “3 Reasons Why you need…” and explain each reason in 10 seconds or less.

Day 6 - “Here’s the truth about…I know this because I have…”

Share Educational info within your industry

Creation Tip: Sit in your car and talk to the camera about a tip within your industry. It does not have to be ground breaking. You would be surprised what simple things people don’t know.

Day 7 - “Pack with me” or “Work with me”

Storytelling behind-the-scenes at work.

Creation Tip: If you own products, film yourself packing for 30 seconds or more. If you’re about to pack in a quiet space use ASMR to your advantage. If you’re unable to capture the packing sounds, voiceover the video about what packing supplies you’re using and why you enjoy them or any fun facts about your brand. If you offer a service, film yourself working and voiceover a work “horror” story or bad customer story.

Storytelling is KEY in all of the content tips above. Make your posts relatable and interesting.

Remember to maintain a consistent posting schedule, use compelling visuals, and tailor your content to your target audience. Engaging with your followers through comments and messages is crucial for building relationships and driving sales. Experiment with different types of posts to identify what works best with your audience and adjust your content accordingly.