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5-Steps for TikTok Success

01. Find your niche: It's important to create a consistent, clear and concise with your message on social media platforms. That does not mean you can't pop in personal or non-niche videos. Non-niche helps to create humanization to you page and make it very personal. However, focusing on your niche gets the right information to the people that consistently needs it the most. For instance, if you are a coffee company, it doesn't mean every video needs to be a pumpkin spice latte but try to bring every video "back to coffee". Story telling is a great way to create your niche and keep the conversation going.

02. Post daily: This is why batching consistent content is important. It helps for the in between and when you are in a creative rut. Batching content will also help create an overview of what content you're about to put out there, when and why. Posting daily will boost the algorithm, give your viewers something to always interact with and find new viewers along the way. Plus, remember, sometimes it's as easy as packing an order, behind the scenes or pouring a cup of coffee to create some content.

You don't need to 'make content' -- you are the content.

03. Use geo-location tags: To attract your dream clientele is knowing where they are at. If you are a coffee company based in Brooklyn, New York with a two cafes, #DTLA or #DTLACoffeeDrinkers aren't going to get you the clients you need.

For the dreamer scrollers scrolling away, let them come across you organically through geo-tag locations right in their own neighborhoods!

04. Use hyper-focus hashtags: Number 3 and Number 4 are very similar with advice. Hyper-focus Hashtags connects the right viewers with the right information. Hyper-Focus hashtags also can mean more clients and less by-standers.

Hyper-focus hashtags look like for a Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, Coffee Company: #BrooklynCoffee #BrooklynCafe #ParkSlopeCafe #ParkSlope #ParkSlopeBarista #BrooklynBarista #ThingsToDoinBrooklyn #ThingsToDoinParkSlope

05. Use trending sounds: Do not RELY on trending sounds but use them. Trending sounds can get you the type of viewers you need or get you lost in the sauce. Jump on trends quickly or move on.

TikTok, like google and instagram, is forever changing their algorithm. This is not a bible to live by. This is guidelines to adjust and shift towards with your social media business. We will always update with tips + tricks that work for us to better your business.

Lastly, the goal is not to go viral. The goal is to gain the right customers for your small business. Focus on your community and they will support you with the content you create.

If you want more TikTok Tips, Make sure you check out our F The Algorithm WorkBook on our Shop.