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5 Reasons Every Business Needs A Website

It’s pretty clear that some businesses will require a website, especially if you’re selling things online. However, some business owners will ask “Why do I need a website if I don’t sell anything online?”Let’s get into it.

1. You Actually Own It - Complete Control

Some business owners may think a website is unnecessary because they have a Facebook page or other social media accounts. What they forget is that social media platforms are never guaranteed. For example, your account could get hacked or if there's a social media blackout where the entire app is down, you may lose your main form of information and communication with your customers during that time.

Having your own website means you own it. You have full freedom on how you want to design it and a place where important information and announcements can live along with customer reviews, images, videos etc. Your content is in a safe space owned by you. While on other platforms, you have to abide by certain rules and have little control over what can happen.

2. Expands Your Visibility

It’s 2023. The place with the most eyes is online. If you offer a local service, it is very rare that your customer is finding you through a newspaper or phonebook these days. 90% of Google users are searching locally. People practically turn to Google for every question they have. Fun fact: 46% of Google searches are for local intent. So if you don’t have a website, no one will know you exist. Since the pandemic, there has been even more reason to push businesses into being more digital. A website will expose you to these eyes and help you capture these leads to become more profitable.

3. Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

Having a website is like planting a seed. It gives you an environment where your business can flourish. On your website you can promote your product or business and compete with others in your industry.Once you have your website up and running, if it is properly optimized, you may be able to rank higher in search engines than your competitors. Which gives you the higher chance of being clicked on, give you quality leads organically and one step ahead of your competitor.

4. Improves and Supports Customer Service

When running a business, it is important to have a place where your customers can easily find information. People are more and more less likely to pick up a phone and call just to get basic information. A website allows you to provide information 24/7 without interrupting your daily workday. A website is the main hub that people visit from all other social media platforms so having all the information in one place is key. This heightens the overall experience and maintains the customer.

5. Increases Credibility

These days, businesses with no website seem suspicious. Customers that are searching for what you offer, need a place to find all the information and to build that trust. They will seek you out online to vet you. Having a website is crucial in that vetting process. Overall, a website is more professional than any social media site.

We believe your website is your strongest marketing tool. Shop our website templates or inquire about our website design service, we want to help your business thrive!