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6 Productivity Tips For A Small Business Owner

01. Plan: Use your tools! Scheduling apps help with social media, your to-do lists, client phone calls and more.

02. Timeblock: Running multiple businesses? Do you run the household? Got a 9-5 + a side hustle? Time blocking Is effective. "work smarter not harder"

03. Outsource: Don't have the right words to say? Struggle with design? Loathe Social Media? Outsource. Spending money on your business can give you more time + more money in return.

04. Reset: I know. It needs to get done, but sometimes starring at it for 20 minutes is less effective than doing something for you and coming back to it. It's ok to take a break and reset.

05. Refresh: Break up the work day with a midday shower. Do a Face Mask. Go on a mid-day walk. Take an iced coffee break.

06: Nourish: You can not work or think straight on an empty stomach. Fuel your brain.