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Unlocking Success: Your Guide to a Thriving First Year in Business

We are so proud of you for joining us in the entrepreneur road. It can feel tough and lonely without co-workers but you do not have to take this road alone. Alicia + Natty together have over 20 years of business experience. Let us help you make your first year of biz better than ever! 1. Find REAL help

We know it is so tempting to have friends model and your brother to run your social media. However, families that are not equipped to do it, often do not have the right tools or put in the effort to see you grow. It's your baby, not theirs.

Finding people within your budget or learning how to do things until you can outsource them to the RIGHT people.

2. Go Legal Accountant + Lawyer + Insurance = get it, get it, get it! Do it the 'right way', right away. This also helps you to be able to take out grants, loans, pay yourself + even give yourself eligibility to government funded programs.

3. Use the tools. Yes, there are a lot of apps out there. So many of them can be beneficial to you until you can afford to outsource some business needs. For example, we recommend Planoly for scheduling your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter posts. This gives you the ability to plan in advance and have social media going when you can't be around.

P.S. We know the cost for things can get a little rough so here are all the promo codes for things we find helpful to have in your business.

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