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Why Investing In Email Marketing Is Important

Did you know that people open their email an average of 15 times a day?! Fifteen times! Emailing has become a normal way of communicating important information and providing instant sales success.

By opt-ing to Email Marketing your business can have have an increase in ROI by up to 15%. We all like the idea of increased business. It's also easy to increase sales with email marketing when your customer is always honed into your brand. They are accepting and wanting the emails. Our job is to keep them so engaged they keep opening them up.

The average open rate is anywhere between 20-40%. Mango has consistently kept above average for ourselves and all of our clients by maintaining 30-50% open rate. We believe with our cult following ideas, our engaging subject lines and our no-need-to-spam tactics your customers want to open, read and click for more.

Plus, your email list is the only thing you own. If Instagram and facebook said "bye bye" today, you would have no contact for all of the people who follow you. Yes, if they moved on from TikTok + found a new app, you'd be starting all over, looking once again, for your people.

Email Marketing allows you to target individual client needs like offering abandon cart emails to the client that never made It to check out. It also allows you to reward individuals who purchase a lot from you or happen to be the "top 5% readers" of your newsletter.

The apps and websites that are dedicated to hosting your email marketing has gotten easier and easier. There are so many out there so we suggest, sticking with Wix or using Flodesk.

PS: Personalized Email Titles or Emails with Emojis in the subject line have better open rates!


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