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What Is Digital Marketing + 4 Reasons To Lean Into It

Business-owners, how many times have you heard the term ‘digital marketing’ in your lifetime? At this point, we’d guess countless. “Invest in digital marketing.” “Digital Marketing is the gateway to business success.” “We live in a digital world, digital marketing is the way to go.”

Sure, all true things. But WTF actually IS digital marketing?

WTF is Digital Marketing?

Simplest terms? Digital marketing is an all-encompassing strategy that helps your customers and target market see your product through various platforms.

A highly competitive and fully-comprehensive digital marketing is a surefire way to hit your consumer’s eyes everywhere they turn.

What’s fully comprehensive, you ask?

Digital marketing (we’ll call it, DM for now) is the umbrella under which endless channels of opportunity lie. The staples: website, email marketing, content marketing, social media, digital ads, SEO, the list goes on.

Okay cool, so I’m on social media and running ads, why should I invest in more digital marketing?

Here’s 4 reasons why you should lean into a full-blown digital marketing campaign:

Return on Investment

This is the number one metric most companies are concerned with…and for good reason. We invest so much time and money into advertising that we expect to see some ROI. What’s great about an all inclusive DM strategy is that you’re creating content for one platform, and able to repurpose/reuse on others. Less time–more exposure–increased ROI

Increase in use of Technology

It’s no secret that technology use is at a universal all-time high. In this digital age, consumers are blasted with content and marketing left and right. It’s up to businesses to identify the right strategies and targeted exposure to make sure they stand out and get the attention in, what is now, one of the most competitive markets in history.

Increase of brand visibility The average consumer needs to see a brand at least 12 times before they actually decide to dive into a brand. Not to mention the extra effort it takes for a prospect to submit the cart and become a consumer. The more channels you are able to access and show up on, the closer you are to gaining your consumer.

SEO performance

This👏is👏the👏one! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood for your content marketing efforts. SEO is the magic tool that boosts your website higher in search engine results. Key words (and voice searches) that are associated specifically with your brand tell the interwebs that your company is worth looking at.

Ever wonder why your favorite brands show up at the top of Google or in your Instagram feed? SEO. The more places you show up, the more accessible you are to your customers.

I mean, that’s the goal, right?

So what’s the point?

Digital marketing is the way of the world. A fully comprehensive DM strategy is a cost-effective way to measure and achieve your business goals, and allows businesses to engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

Our advice..slide into your DM strategy with confidence and your foot on the pedal…but the marketing kind, no creeps allowed. If you need to track your engagement and want some more tips, check out our Engagement Guide Workbook Here.

PRO TIP: Repurpose (ie REWORD and reuse) your content across multiple platforms. It’s a great way to create a consistent voice, brand image, and roll out multi-channel campaigns. Your business will thank you.


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