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Digital Marketing Must Haves For A New Small Business

Email marketing:

Emails not only keep you top of mind for your customers but it also drives traffic back to your website, educates them and keeps them in the loop of everything going on. Customer retention is important as a small business and email marketing can help. Personalizing your emails will build trust and connection with your customer. Let’s admit, everyone loves attention. Using their name in the email will grab their eyes and encourage them to click. Personalizing emails gives your brand a voice and shows them how genuine you are. This will ensure that the customer has an enjoyable experience.

Interesting blog content:

Some may think blogging is old news and tend to skip over it. Most importantly, creating blogs will help your website get found. SEO (search engine optimization) works by using keyword research so it optimizes your blog content to earn inbound links/clicks, to increase your website rank and visibility. Not only does blogging help with SEO, it also gives you more to share across social platforms. Repurposing content is common and this will keep your audience engaged while generating new leads.

Visual content:

Visual content will be one of the most helpful and useful things to have when it comes to digital marketing. This is also a very important part of your digital strategy.

Video content can be used on your website, to grab still images, turned into ads, used as social content etc. Videos will help users understand your product or service quickly and in detail. Overall, it will help increase sales/gain clients.

Social Media Strategy:

We talk all the time about how social media is crucial to business. Social media helps build brand awareness, supports in facilitating customer service, generates leads, increases revenue etc.

Strategy is important because it lays out a plan of what content will be posted, on which platforms and when. It allows you to support any newness happening in your brand, promotions and customer engagement. It’s a great way to implement business goals as well. Platforms are often changing so make sure your strategy has fluidity for any tweaks. Book a Strategy Call.

Local influencers:

Partnering with local influencers can be extremely effective for small businesses. This allows you to generate leads quickly because an influencer already has a niche following that they interact with and that leans on them for recommendations. So chances are they are highly likely interested in businesses similar to yours. Marketing campaigns with influencers can take many different forms. Anything from discounts, collaborations, giveaways, sponsorships etc. It all depends on what your main goal is but influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It is a great way to endorse your brand in an authentic style.


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