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4 Types of SEO Strategy

Websites for your business are more than just a pretty landing page. The behind the scenes is what helps get the marketing going, promotes your advertising and brings business TO you. We’re going to talk about the QUEEN, the Top Mango, the end all be all of what helps create better business and better marketing. That ish right here: SEO. Now, to be good at SEO, you have to understand SEO, how it works and the breakdowns of it. OR, you can just ignore all this and hire us anyway. You’ll probably need the help..just saying.

And a quick reminder: SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is how you get found on Google or other search platforms.

Without further ado, the four breakdowns of SEO:

1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO might be the most important out of the SEO breakdown. Technical SEO allows all of the search engines, yes google, to engage with your site. They do this by identifying keywords and phrases that clients are using in searches. A lot of hosting sites have automatic SEO. It’s one of our favorite things about being a WIX partner – Wix has built-in technical SEO to help boost your visibility.

2. Off Page SEO

Off- page SEO is being the promoter at the front of the club in Vegas trying to get everyone to come sit at a table. It involves guiding traffic from other sites to your site. This can be beneficial to raise social media awareness and guest blog to cultivate your marketing and SEO visibility. To bring more traffic to your site, getting involved and extending your PR budget to include write ups digitally allow for back linking and provide additional SEO benefits. Plus, these links don’t expire.

3. On Page SEO

On Page SEO works best after an established technical and off page SEO bringing traffic to your pages. A well-designed and strong copy on a website should be the VIP table with all the free champagne for your audiences and potential customers.

4. Content

Your website is a space to invite everyone into the party. But, truthfully, your website is just a host for your products and services. Curating your content to be effective with your copy will further strengthen your SEO.


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