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3 PR Secrets You Must Know!

PR (Public Relations) can be difficult to navigate through. Social Media has made us believe that brands and creators become celebrity status, verified sensations over night. That simply isn't true. It takes a lot of work to maintain public appearance, brand awareness and public retention. We are here to help relieve the stress by providing you some PR secrets that you need to know! 1. Everything costs...something. Did that small business just appear on Vogue? "How!? They only have 8k followers, how did Vogue find them?" Vogue didn't find them. They had a PR team, or someone, emailing and negotiating on their behalf. Those features can cost anywhere between 1k-30k for some top tier magazines and news outlet features.

2. It's cheaper...elsewhere. Let's talk about the Vogue example more. Do you know a few brands that may do better in the UK? Maybe, they are the number one for Italy Cosmo? They are always winning awards in Japan? This is because advertising overseas in large magazines are less expensive than advertising in the United States or even Canada. You get the "street cred" of posting and sharing these amazing features with way less out of your wallet.

3. The influencers that "have the most" aren't always the best

We'll say it till we're blue in the face. Quantity over Quality rules in the influencer world. If you could pay 10 influencers that have 5k to 10k following instead of someone with 100k following you will see a better ROI. A lot of influencers will work with a small business budget if you offer additional incentives.

Pro Tip: We suggest giving affiliate links for influencers that provide a discount and a kick back code for them to get $$$ every time someone uses their code. The more they post, the more people see it and the more you are likely to get a purchase.

People need to see things multiple times to want to make a purchase (7-21 times to be exact)!

Now that you know some secrets, keep following Mango for more tips + tricks. If you are ready for the PR services, feel free to email us or set up a strategy call for your first moves.