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Why You Should Choose Mango Marketing Co to help grow your Biz!

We don’t toot our own horn as often as we should so let’s talk about it!

Marketing can be extremely overwhelming when starting a business. It’s one of those things that you KNOW you need but it’s hard to figure out where to start - especially if you have a small team. There are so many aspects to marketing and Mango not only wants to help alleviate those stresses you have while running your business but also be a support and advocate for the businesses growth.

If you’re new - Mango Marketing is a women-led marketing and design studio. We started Mango to elevate women-owned businesses and plant the seed to grow your business.

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats, as a small business ourselves we completely understand that - we’d love to help! No matter how big or small, Mango offers many ways to get the ball rolling. We pride ourselves in creating a seamless process that allows us to guide you through every step of the way to make your vision come to life.

We always start with a discovery call which allows you to tell us about your ideas on where you’d like to see your business and lets us learn about what you’ve already created. After that, we help guide you to what fits your specific needs and budget as we offer many packages offering different services.

In a nutshell, for an overall comprehensive Marketing plan, we offer:

Strategy - Schedule a phone call to discuss specific digital marketing needs, get advice and a targeted plan of action to make immediate changes to your business.

Website Design - Wix Development, up to 6 Website Pages, Mobile Site Design, SEO Setup, Simple Text Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Design Planning Call, Website Maintenance Call, Social Media Landing Page, Social Media Launch Image

Branding - Primary Logo Design, Secondary Logo Design, Typography, Color Palette, Brand Patterns, Social Media Mood Board, Business Card Mockups, Social Media Graphics, Website Mockup, Brand Strategy that includes Mission, Vision, Values

Branding Photography - Studio or on location photography session. Includes: 1 Hour Session, On-site Creative Direction, 50+ Edited Hi-Res Images Delivered via an Online Gallery with Digital Downloads

Social Media Management - Planning, Copywriting, Scheduling, Hashtag Research, Geotagging, Locations, Engagement Guide, 2 Months

Content Creation - 10 Infographics, 10 Photos, 10 TikTok/Reels​

PR Outreach - Media Kit, Press Release, 1 Month of PR (Public Relations) Representation reaching out to media outlets that fit your Target Audience, Influencer Outreach.

Check out the full details and pricing of our Services.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to help and give you the tools that will continue to create and grow your legacy.


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