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Things You Need To Know About Instagram Reels in 2022

Did you know Instagram Reels launched in 2019 in Brazil? It slowly made its debut throughout the world with an increase to compete with TikTok + be utilized during the covid19 pandemic.

So, what are Reels exactly? Reels are a video tool designed by Instagram that features a more scrollable, easy option to share entertainment, education and more with friends, followers and new accounts. Instagram Reels have had a lot of success with improving accounts engagement, overall growth and AD reach. In fact, Instagram Reels ADs reach 10.9% of the total population using Instagram. That's a LOT of reach when done correctly!

How do you Reel correctly? Here's four ways we are recommending to get the MOST out of your Instagram Reels.

  1. Film in the right ratio. Instagram recommends reels to be at a 9:16 ratio. This is the size of your smartphone vertically. This allows for the most optimal viewing pleasure and avoids unnecessary black/blank space surrounding the video.

  2. Don't worry about algorithm. Focus on your analytics. Google changed their algorithm 4500 times in 2021. Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps are constantly playing with their algorithms. Do not worry about 'beating' an algorithm. Focus on your personal analytics in your settings. Adjust to the tools provided and, as always, ask your customers and viewers what they want to see more of.

  3. Leave space for captions and instagram buttons. Have you seen videos where you couldn't read the words cause they were blocked off? Be mindful of the bottom of the screen and the bottom right side for Instagram features that cut off wording and more in videos.

  4. Use hashtags, a mix of trending sounds, features and more. Let your creativity shine and utilize the tools the app gives you. Instagram loves when you use its features. Think about throwing a trending sound, a filter or something else on a reel once in a while. Plus, hashtags always help to show up on the explorer page and to new viewers.

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