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Should You Have Emojis in Your Emails?

IMAGE DISPLAYS A EMAIL. Subject Says "Did you know?" Body of email says "iPhone cuts off subject lines after 32 characters. Keep your email titles catchy and simple."

Happy World Emoji Day!

The question has come up multiple times, so let's address it. Should you use emojis in your emails and newsletters to customers? Short Answer: Sometimes.

Long answer: Emojis can be beneficial for creating a personalized message and help tell a story. Plus, 88% of customers will check their emails on their smart phone or mobile table. However, every marketing website will tell you a difference of opinion. We truly think its based on your target market, continuing focusing on your demographic and allowing your analytics to make the decisions for you. Remember, your marketing and e-mail analytics is a playbook of how your customers interact with your business.

Let's get right to the facts:

  • 68% of millennials use + enjoy emojis in e-mails. Millennials and Gen-Zers also like seeing GIFs and Videos

  • Women respond more positively to emojis verses Men

  • Using appropriate emojis during the holidays reduced email complaints in many companies in 2020.

  • Emails with an emoji in the subject line have a 56% higher open rate.

  • People have used emojis in Business2Business emails

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