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Happy Mango-versary!

Wow! What a year it has been. We launched Mango a year ago to date. From the bottom of our hearts, we are overwhelmed with the amount of trust and support that has been shown from our friends, family and beloved clients. We've learned a lot, we planted a lot, we grew a lot. So, let's get right into is everything Mango did in ONE year.

- Donated to Multiple Charities

- Batched Content for an entire year

- Branded + Niche Downed + Rebranded

- Launched New Services

- Added Team Members

- Completed Multiple Client Projects

- Maintained Ongoing Client Projects

- Had amazing sales meetings + co-working dates with the team

- Created Impactful Events (Aye Mango Mixers!)

- Launched Merch

- Sold Out on Merch

- Tons of blogs (Read todays!)

+ the best is yet to come

We have so many goals for year two. To say we are a bit ambitious is an understatement.

Keep following + keep growin' with us.

With so much love + gratitude,

Alicia, Natty + Team Mango


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