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Natty and Alicia met while Natty lived in Baltimore for a few years. They shared a studio together, created photo shoots together and shared way too much food. Their friendship continued to stay supportive, focused and business driven as Natty moved to Philly.


Mango Marketing Co is a collective, brainstorm focused, innovative and challenge winning team. We’re not here for quick growth; we want to be here for the long haul. We don’t send you off with the same format but customized business steps. We always saw Mango Marketing as an inviting space where we took your business idea and sky rocketed it. 

Essentially, we took lemons and made Mango lemonade out of it! 

Meet Alicia


Natalie is a commercial focused makeup and hairstylist turned marketing pro. She has spent over a decade in the beauty industry representing brands and educating in the cosmetic industry. Although Natty is still heavily focused on artistry, She is the brains behind marketing strategies, your strongest PR moves and viral moments. 

Favorite place to be: San Juan, Puerto Rico on the beach, eating avocados or Brooklyn, New York in some underground speakeasy style bar drinking fancy cocktails with friends. 

Favorite Way to Eat a Mango: with tajin. 


Alicia is a published wedding and editorial photographer turned website designer. She has spent the last 8+ years creating magazine worthy images for couples, families and brands. She is the creative expert behind your website designs, graphic designs, content creation and professional photography. 

Favorite place to be: Palm Springs snapping photos of all the cactus, cooking, gardening and greenhouse hopping or Baltimore adventures with the family (hubby and 2 kids!).

Favorite Way to Eat a Mango: margarita.

Meet Natty

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